Learning Process

Ray-Field International Secondary School is a government-approved co-educational institution that runs a full and compulsory Boarding School and Day school that has taken the academic scene of Akwa Ibom State and its environs by storm. Founded in 2006, the school is located in a safe and serene environment at Nsukara Offot, off Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

The school is modern and comprehensive in content and delivery;  very unique in the adoption of the Team-Teaching Approach. The lessons are well structured into components that helps all categories of learners to comprehend each lesson within and outside the classrooms. The following subjects are taught in their various components by different teachers to enhance adequate comprehension:

  • MATHEMATICS (taught separately as Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry);
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE (taught separately as Oral, Essay, and Grammar);
  • INTEGRATED SCIENCE (taught separately as Physics, Chemistry, Biology);
  • BUSINESS STUDIES (taught separately as Office Practice, Book Keeping and keyboarding).

Our daily and weekly Scheme of Work; Adequate Staffing; Modern Facilities; Extra-curricular Activities, and High Disciplinary tone are good indices of our determination to give our children a life-long legacy that will enable them succeed in an evolving world. Our Staff-Student ratio policy of 1:3 is another indication of our goal to produce world-class scholars for the development of our Societies.

Today, learning is no longer teacher-centered but student-centered. Therefore, added to our Modern facilities and well qualified Teachers are various lofty academic activities to enhance effective teaching and learning processes. Among these activities include:

  • Tutor-Parenting. This affords the students the opportunity of relating with their Teachers as they would have related with their parents at home with regard to their learning process.
  • Achievers Session. This creates additional time and concern for the moderate learners to further learn and equate with the fast learners in their classes as a way to prepare them for future challenges.
  • Academic Clinics. This provides opportunities for the students to learn with ease while. This helps the students to eliminate fears usually given to certain subjects by using simplified methods/games to learn the subjects.
  • Differentiation plan for all Lessons. This gives the teacher an opportunity to identify students who could not comprehend the lesson during a classroom session, and create times for such students to have a one-on-one session with the teacher.
  • Pre-Senior Class Experience. This helps to prepare the JSS 3 students with necessary ideas and the awareness for the advanced lesson they will encounter in their senior classes. This is importance because the students will be expected to redefine as well as prepare adequately for their career choices from SS 1 class.
  • Academic Competitions/Excursions. These activities help to prepare the students by exposing them to internal and external academic challenges as well as equip the students with on-sight/on-hand experiences about some ideas learned in the classroom.
  • School counselling. This is one important activity that is given great priority at Ray-field. The School counsellor is well qualified and is given a conducive environment for effective counselling activities with the students. Counselling is integrated into the school scheme to show its importance in character/moral development among the students as well as its role in the learning process of the students.

It is every Parents’ desire to give quality education to his/her child. Rayfield is that school which will give an excellent education alongside the total development of the child. Ray-Field International Secondary School was established as a strategic and adequate response to the yearning for a top-class qualitative education in Nigeria. Our vision is anchored on providing total and self-reliant education to our valued Students. The school has ZERO-TOLERANCE for examination malpractice both internally and externally.

In conformity with the National Policy on Education, our students are taught to develop their intelligence (Cognitive domain), their limbs (Psycho-motor domain), and their minds (affective domain) to create room for intellectual, emotional, social, and moral growth. Christian faith and conviction in God the Creator as the overall regulator of human activities are identified and emphasized in the students’ daily life in our school.