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Welcome back to your school! We hope you enjoy being a part of our extended international community that brings together former Secondary School students, parents and staff from around the world.

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Mr. Usukuma Ndueso

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Our Alumni Locator Service assists with reconnecting alumni who have lost contact with one another. We always ensure your privacy and contact information is only disclosed upon approval and verification by both parties. For more information, email alumni@rayfieldschools.com.

Please also be sure to check out our Special Alumnae publications. We created this one especially for our alumnae community featuring your news, successes, ventures, and adventures after graduation, and how you’ve maintained ties with Rayfield across the year. Sign up below to start receiving our latest publications.

In line with our vision to offer a broad-based educational service that affords students the opportunity to be leaders, self-reliant and pace-setters in their chosen fields of human endeavours, we are currently building an active online database directory for our Alumni which may serve as a career resource platform. 

Strengthening Relationships

The balance Rayfield maintains between honoring the past and remaining committed to the future is one of its most compelling attributes. We aim to strengthen relationships between School alumnae, students, and soon-to-be alumnae while maximizing potential in both personal and professional lives. We hope you’ll stay in touch, join our network, and bolster our community by supporting Rayfield students today.

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