Secondary School

Ray-field International Secondary School, Uyo offers modern boarding facilities for the comfort of the students in the school. These facilities are provided to help the students to learn in a conducive environment that is home away from home. Boarding life at Ray-Field provides endless opportunities for personal development. The family atmosphere at Ray-Field also provides a secured environment within which, strangers rapidly become friends. Amongst these facilities include:

  • Separate Hostels for male and female students.
  • Separate building floors and rooms for the various classes to check and control Bullying.
  • Separate bunk (Bed) for each student with personalized wardrobes for safe-keeping of personal items.
  • Availability of six (6) House Porters for each of the hostels (Male and Female) for adequate care and assistance.
  • Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms for effective student-centered learning experiences.
  • Scheduled break periods for their snacks.
  • Water Bore-holes for supply of adequate water for use by the students.
  • Periodic Treatment of water for use by the students.
  • Water Heater for provision of Warm water for Students’ health need.
  • Power generating sets for constant supply of electricity for use.
  • Spacious and comfortable Refectory for their meals.
  • Organized sporting activities and equipment.
  • Organized prep-system for their personal learning with supervision by the staff.
  • Organized extra-curricula activities.

BULLYING: The school has Zero-Tolerance for Bullying. This is clearly made known to all students during their orientation week, and modalities are put in places to check this and ensure that it is dealt with as soon as it happens to serve as deterrent to others.

HOLIDAYS. Our holidays are scheduled to meet the needs of the students and in accordance with existing laws/activities of the society within which, we operate.

MEALS. The school is very intentional about the welfare of her students. The school provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the students. The food offered are often described as “Home food” by the students. The students are also entitled to variety of snacks in between their meals.

Our vision is anchored on providing innovative and self-reliant education to our valued children.

Boarding life at Rayfield

Boarding life at Ray-Field provides endless opportunities for personal development. There is sufficient time for study, sports, extra curricular activities, and for enjoying the company of mates. The family atmosphere at Ray-Field also provides a secure environment within which strangers rapidly become friends.

In conformity with the National Policy on Education, our students are taught to develop their heads (Cognitive domain), their hands (Psycho-motor domain), and their minds (affective domain) to create room for intellectual, emotional, social, and moral growth. Faith and conviction in God the Creator of all the World as the overall regulator of human activities are identified and emphasized in the students’ daily life in our school.