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Online Entrance Exam for 2021/2022 Academic Session


Before starting the exam:

1. Make sure your device (mobile/tab/laptop/desktop) is ready and at your disposal for appearing for the online exam.
2. Make sure you have a good and stable internet connection.
3. Make sure you DO NOT open any other link/tab on your browser apart from the exam link during the online exam.


During the exam:

1. Do not resize or minimize the browser during the online exam.
2. Do not close the browser during the test before your exam is complete.
3. Do not click the ‘BACK’ button of the browser during the exam.
4. Keep an eye on the TIMER CLOCK on the top left of the online exam page of the browser to keep a track of the time left.
5. Do not leave the online exam browser page IDLE for more than 5 minutes to prevent the system from logging you out automatically. Keep moving the cursor (for laptop/desktop) or touch the screen (from mobile) frequently during the exam.
6. Once submitted, a message shall be displayed “Your Exam has been submitted successfully and you can log out from the student online portal.

General instructions:

1. Make sure you appear for the online exam sitting alone in a well-lit room with no background noise during the entire process of the exam.
2. For subjects that require rough work, make sure you do the rough works on a blank sheet and not on any notebook.
3. If any student is found to use unfair means during the entire course of the online exam, that student’s exam will be disqualified

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