Nursery and Primary School

We welcome you to our school with promises that your stay with us will be filled with fun memories. Ray-Field…another name for excellence! At Rayfield, our learners are self-reliant, constructive, creative, and innovative. This is made possible by our qualified and trained academic/nonacademic staff on the ground to guide our young learners into a world of possibilities.

Mrs. Pauline E. Ekpo, Head of School (Creche, Nur. & Pri.)

Rayfield International Nursery/Primary Schools is a brand with seasoned Educators at the Management level and the classroom. We connect emotionally with our learners by delivering an active discovery, enriching conversations & simulating service with style.

Located at 17 Nsikak Eduok Avenue, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria – in a safe, healthy and serene environment, we make learning and playtime interesting.

Our learners take an active part in every learning process through a combination of the British curriculum and the Montessori system of learning.

Competitions and Laurels
  • 2023 Akwa Ibom State Council for Arts and Culture’s Children’s Art and Culture Summit’s Competition – First position in sculpturing, painting, textile work and craftmanship in the Arts and Crafts category and First position in cultural dance category
  • 2023 African Mathematics Olympiad – Second position
  • 2023 Nobles Science JETS competition – Second position
  • 2022 Royal National English Olympiad Competition – winner of 2 gold medals
  • 2022 Royal National English Olympiad Competition – winner of 3 silver and 4 bronze medals
  • 2022 Royal National Mathematics Olympiad Competition – Winner of 1 gold medal
  • 2022 Royal National English Olympiad Competition – 1 silver and 1 bronze medals winner
  • 21st Tulip International National Mathematics Competition – State Winner
  • 2022 Nobles Science JETS competition – First and Second position
  • 2021 JETS Science Competition – Second position
  • National Arts Gallery Competition 2018  First position Drawing
  • National Arts Gallery Competition 2018  Second position Sculpture
  • National Arts Gallery Competition 2018  Third position Graphics
  • United Nations Water Day Quiz Competition, 2014 First Position
  • Outstanding Private Schools Merit Award by the Akwa Ibom State House Committee on Education, November 2014.
  • NAFDAC Science Competition 2013, First Position
  • World Scholars Cup, Dubai, UAE 2013 Medals in Talent Show
  • National Arts Gallery Competition 2013  First position Painting
  • National Arts Gallery Competition 2012  First position Painting
  • Cultural Dance Children’s Day 2010 First Position
  • State French Competition 2008 First Position
  • State French Competition 2006 First Position
  • State French Competition 2005 First Position
  • State French Competition 2004 First Position