Our Crèche /Playgroup

Ray-Field International crèche & Playgroup

Our Crèche offers your child of three (3) months to nine (9) months the opportunity to eat, play and learn in a safe and serene environment. We accommodate and transform children into shooting stars and well-equipped to enter into the next phase of their education.

Our Playgroup class caters for pupils from one year to one year and nine months the opportunity to have fun and learn while developing their socio and mental skill.

Our creche and playgroup are expected to understand the use of spoken words and express themselves well through various speaking and listening activities.

We believe that our children discovering and exploring their interests through our creative activities and programs is the best way to encourage their participation. Our enthusiastic early years practitioners support our children as they learn and develop through play activities.

The environment for learning for us, is creative, stimulating, and fun as we work together with our families and our community.

Important Dates

  1.  Friday, May 24, 2019
    – Celebration of Ray-Field pupils
  2. Thursday 20 – Friday 21, June 2019
    Mid – Term Break
  3. Thursday, July 25, 2019
    – Graduation Ceremony for Nursery Two and Primary Five Pupils
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